4th annual TOG lake party

This past Saturday wa the 4th annual TOG lake party. Over the years it's morphed into just a 'if you do, did or actually it's not required...work at TOG lake party'. Which, is great :) This is the first year we haven't had near perfect weather, so I suppose we were due for a not so nice day. However, it was still relaxing just sitting by the fire, talking, chatting, relaxing. It was good :) Probably a little dissappointing there was no tubing, jet skiing or anything, but there's always next year. And even tho I don't work at TOG really anymore, and not all of the guest list does either, we'll still probably call it the 'TOG Annual Lake Party'...in honor of my roots :)
Thanks for those that were able to make it!
Keebs, Bryan, Jay, Kate, me, Connor, Ang, Travis, Mel, Mary and Ben.
The Magers family joined us later but didn't make the group (first ever, thanks mom :)) photo.
Too bad we don't have group photos from prior years.
I will say...I think we're all getting old, or we're getting boring. Ha.
I think we were all home by like 9:30 :)

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