I got my blackberry in the mail today, whoo hoo! (okay, and I spent all dinner this evening playing with a co-worker's iphone and got, I might admit, a little addicted to it...BUT...AT&T service apparently sucks down here so there goes that...)

Anyways, super excited about that. Angie, I take back all of the mean things I said to you when you got yours, ha.

Connor is moving to the toddler room week after next. SO SO SO sad about this. However, they tell me daily how EXCITED he gets when they take him down there to visit and adjust. I can just see him do his litting arms waving at his sides running in place so excited thing he does. Dork. But I can't imagine his excitement at the new toys, there is a loft with STEPS leading up to it...he's ready.

Running the 5k this past weekend sparked me to attempt to organize a 5k fundraiser for Connor's daycare. So, next spring, you'll hear all about it and I'll be asking you all to participate :)

I think that's about it. It feels like it should be Thursday, but it's only Tuesday.

Oh, and Angie and Jay put their house on the market! I'll post more soon, in case you or someone you know is interested, but here is the link.


SUPER cute, they've redone every room on the inside.


Erin Barrett said...

Can we move the Nesslers house to Minneapolis? Then I'd buy it in a heartbeat!!

bryan, christy and connor said...

OR....you MOVE down here! GREAT IDEA!!!!

The Nesslers said...

You can do whatever you want with my house....just buy it:)

But it would probably be much better/easier if you moved to mankato - and much more fun!

Erin Barrett said...

Hmm...1.5 hour commute for Dave and I might make this house unaffordable.

Anne said...

It's clear that Mankato wants you. Get an electric car.