crazy week

Hi. Sorry it's been about a week. This was the first week at my 'new job' that the entire 'new team' has been in place. I promise a post soon explaining everything that's going on at work.

So that was crazy, and it went by crazy fast. That's probably a good sign, right? :)

Also, Connor had not only his FIRST babysitter this week, but he had a babysitter TWICE, and two different babysitters each time. Monday night we had a make up game for volleyball so Shanna from down the street came over, she did AWESOME. He was even asleep when I got home!

Then...Wednesday...Connor got sent home from daycare. My mom was able to watch him since I had some meetings at work and then yesterday I had Eric from down the street the other way come over. He also did GREAT! And I love the fact that there is a boy babysitter option in our neighborhood!

Not to mention they can both ride their bikes here :)

But, not so super about being sick. He's in great spirits as always, but just the good 'ol diarrhea again. I thought maybe today he'd made it, started firming up last night (ha, sorry for the details) but nope, they were already giving him a bath by 8:45 this morning. So, I'm at home for today. Went to the grocery store for bananas...he's had two already, and then he fell asleep on the way home around 11:30, hopefully he takes a good long nap.

So, that's the week...and now it's the weekend!

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