weekend recap

Well, we had a pretty good, laid back weekend here, which, is always nice :) Bryan had tickets to go to the PGA all weekend, so he was gone most of Saturday and Sunday so Mary came down to spend the weekend with Connor and I, which of course means a few new photos.

Bryan had an awesome time at the golf tournament, no pictures because cameras weren't allowed, but he said it was awesome.

So, Mary and I went out to my mom's for most of Saturday since she had Ashlyn. Then the rest of the weekend was basically relaxing.

I experimented with a few 'actions' in Photoshop from Pioneer Woman...as you can see below in the first few photos. I'm sure those of you that are skilled in photo editing think this is probably cheating, but it works for me! Obviously some, like the 'vintage' effect aren't something that I would do on a regular basis, I was just playing around :)

I think this one (the photo editing action) might be one of my favorites. I don't know, kind of like how soft the colors and everything got.

this is the last one I played with. Kind of fun.

We liked the background...but he wasn't necesarily cooperating in terms of smiling/posing.
Same here...these seem so senior photo serious.

just a cute smile. "Should we go 'bye-bye?" and that's what we got.

I will happily admit that he doesn't exactly watch or enjoy TV...he just loves remotes and the fact that he knows enough to push buttons and change channels and such.
and yes, the jeans are way too big.
Playing in Grandpa's chair. It was entertaining.

I feel this should be my new header...since he's truly peeking into 31 otter court.

shirtless boy in grass.
and yes, those are shorts.
the uh, grass, was just really tall.
We needed a family/house picture to put in the frames when you first walk in the front door so we took one quick. Good thing you can't see us barely, since Connor was definitely not cooperating.


Anonymous said...

Wow! The photos are awesome, Christy-I think you should think about a profession as a photographer!!!They are 'treasures" forever.
BTW- looks as if Connor is all ready for school decked out in his new jeans.LOL

L, G/G Bode

Randi said...

your house and family are beautiful Christy!!