team otto concrete: 2009

Well, the end of another summer volleyball season is getting closer. We have just a week I think left of regular season, then a positioning round, then playoffs. It makes for a long season, but we have fun :)

The other night we took advantage of a 9:30 game and had a team dinner/get-together before hand. We had great food, played a few games and had a good time. However...when it started to downpour, and hear that the games before us were super delayed, we were losing a little excitement. But, we ended up playing (rain was over by 10:00, needless to say the night was way past my bedtime) and winning :)

Team Otto Concrete.
Ryan, Nicky, me, Chris, Kacie, Zach and Killer.
The team again. We didn't like the first picture :)

the ladies

(we were recreating the below pose from last year...)

funny. maybe this will become a tradition. ha.

the ladies again
I have a video that I took on our way to the game, pitch black, wipers going crazy as it was downpouring. But, I start laughing near the end of it and I don't know how people can listen to me laugh. Brutal. Therefore, the video will not be posted. It was fairly pointless anyways.

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