5k + fun night

Well, today I ran a 5K with Anne, Erin and Allison. Ha, it sucked :) But, I ran the whole thing, and haven't ran for over 2 weeks, so I felt pretty decent about that. I actually don't know what my finish time was, but a little over 28 minutes I think. So, quite a bit slower than the one a month or two ago, but again...I've completely fallen off of the training wagon. Oops. HOpefully today kick starts that again.

Then, I made a TON of pasta. And my a ton, I literally mean probably close to 2,000 lbs of pasta salad. Ha. Hope the 40+ Bode's at the little Bode reunion tomorrow LOVE it :) So that was my afternoone. Then, Bryan, Connor and I went out to Anne and Jeremy's for supper, yard games and relaxing. Connor did great! He's pretty good at self-entertaining himself, then around 8, 830 (past his bedtime) I put him in the car (on plus windows down) and he sat nicely in there til we left, watching a movie. Was hoping he'd fall asleep...but no. So, hopefully he sleeps in tomorrow morning.

Pictures of us after the race and some other misc photos coming soon! Plus, I fully intend on being the resident photographer tomorrow at this reunion! Should be fun :)

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