fun at Sibley park

Bryan was in a golf tournament most of the day yesterday so Connor and I spent the afternoon at Sibley Park. We had a blast! He took a two hour nap in the morning and as soon as he woke up we took off, grabbed some lunch on the way, put down a blanket and ate lunch picnic style. He is borderline impossible at restaurants these days...doesn't want to sit still for ANYTHING. So this worked great :) Then we went and saw all of the animals, it's so nice at the park. There are big paths going through the park so I basically let him run all over. Then right before we left I took advantage of the flower gardens and attempted some photos. He thought I was pretty crazy running through the gardens trying to get him to smile, but oh well :) It was such a beautiful day!

I have lots more pictures, but I was just playing around in Photoshop with these ones...

My favorite!

Yeah no editing on this one...but thought it was cute ;)
Here mom, here's a flower I picked just for you!
And I may have drooled on it too for EXTRA love!

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Anonymous said...

That last one is Precious with your added caption. How sweet!