bode reunion

Sunday, Bryan's parents, Nate & Cheryl, hosted a little Bode reunion. I shouldn't say 'little' because there were sure a lot of Bode's...but I don't think it was an 'official' reunion as much as just a gathering. Regardless...it was a great time...good food (anyone want any leftover pasta salad...made about 3.5 batches too many...ugh)...good times.

Cousin Stan caught on camera. I could listen to Stan talk ALL day.
"Well hello there Christy" (imagine a completely monotone voice with heavy sarcastic undertones...love it)
Stan, Nate's brother Jerry and Stan's brother Howard.

Master griller Kill.

"Hot"...Mom, I think he learned this from you. Putting his hand up to shield himself from the heat...ha.

Sorry, didn't have my zoom lens handy and was sitting in a comfy chair :)
Connor and Autumn playing with Connor's car.

The Bode Crew.
Marty, Carol, Nate, Art, Jerry, Mark and Ed
(missing Paul and their late sister Flor)

So serious.

Oh yes, and even a little parade. Ha.

Chasing after the ball. Sorry, pointless picture. I just think he's cute. Ha.

Climbing into Grandma Cheryl's bus.
Pretty sure he seemed awfully familiar with these steps :)

Art showing his bow skills. This was an 80 lb bow (or however you would say it, 80 lb somthing). Art was the only one who could do it.

Learning how.

Aunt Adelaide. (Nate's father's sister)
She'll be 94 soon.

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