We use bribery quite a bit around here, I'm sure it's not the best parenting technique (similar to parenting via ipad), but, obviously it works (for the most part). I wanted to get a nice picture of the boys in their DMI shirts for Bryan and knew this cool backhoe replica we have would work to get Connor's attention. Unfortunately Grayson was beyond tired, so my grand vision didn't turn out, but at least I got a few fun ones of Connor.

this is the best 'smile at the camera' shot I got, thankfully his nose was booger-less


Marta said...

Awesome prospective and depth of field on the second shot!

Btw...We parent via iphone and it is a lifesaver at times. Glad I'm not the only one who uses technology to occupy her child. :)

Little For A Little While said...

Your pics are getting really good! Good for you for challenging yourself to learn it, so many people think they can just buy a nice camera and will magically have great pics...so not true! Can't wait to see more!