project 52 | week 1: necessity

The first challenge of Project 52: necessity.

Many things went through my mind, if it was a year ago, it would have been Connor's nuk and blankie, now he's really not into those things (for sure the nuk, blankie is here and there). Grayson isn't really attached to anything yet and then I was thinking of things we couldn't physically live without, but I couldn't think of any great photo to take involving those. So I went nearly opposite, taking a picture of something I very much could live without, but...they sure seem like necessities :)

Challenge: Necessity
Subject: Technology (ie cell phone, computer, internet)
Skill: Depth of Field

I often say, "I couldn't live without the internet", and although that's far from the truth, I sure spend a lot of time on it, not only personally but professionally as well. Working for an ecommerce company, internet is, well, I'd say pretty critical. I absolutely am guilty of checking my phone in the middle of the night if I wake up for whatever reason, or before even swinging my legs out of bed, checking my email. It's amazing how different a world our children are growing up in, Connor is a master of the iPad and we are often very thankful for our Netflix app and the others he enjoys. (ie he's driving us crazy and just need to distract him, you know, parenting via iPad, I'm sure there are books on it).

To the actual photo, I took this opportunity to work on my depth of field. I think I ended up with not enough, since technically the iMac and the phone were both subjects of my photo, but it was fun to play around and explore what I'm learning at class. I welcome any and all critique!


Marta said...

I like it! You did great with the depth of field and I actually like that the computer isn't in focus, but you still detect a hint of the apple logo and monitor. Very cool.

Anne said...

such a good student, christy :) like the dof!

Sarah said...

I check my email in the middle of the night and before i get out of bed too. Ha, love you. :)