first sleepover

We had Ashlyn over the other night for Connor's first sleepover at our house. They've both spent the night at my parents' house together before, but never at our house. It wasn't probably the best night to pick, it was after Christmas at my parents so it was pretty late when we got home and Ashlyn was going to her other Grandma's in the morning, but, it was still fun :) We bought up a mattress from the basement to Connor's room so they could sleep together, had blueberry waffles for breakfast and had lots of fun with their new suitcases they got from G&G Loula. They traveled to Florida, Hawaii and many giant waterparks via planes, trains and even a few long walks. :)

In the car on our way home

Love his new spidey pjs

Taking a break in their travels to show off their new suitcases. 

Can't wait to do it again when we have more time!

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