We've done some spur of the moment furniture shopping and rearranging in our house over the past few weeks and pretty sure both Bryan and I will tell you we are d.o.n.e. assembling furniture for at least the rest of 2012. Maybe even through 2013. However, we're really liking how everything has turned out. I don't have any pictures of the new office furniture set, I'll update this post when I get some, struggling with the lighting. Thanks to Rachel for helping assembling those pieces!

New dining room table from Sam's Club. I only have 6 of the chairs showing, but it came with 8. Love the counter height and square shape!
(table was easy to assemble, just had to add the legs...chairs were a bit of a pain)

This isn't new, just in a new location. The new office furniture went into the actual office downstairs and then part of the Ikea set came up to our master bedroom (treadmill moved to the basement). I actually LOVE having the computer in our room. Since the boys (Bryan included, ha) go to bed 8, 830ish, which is then the start of 'my' time, I didn't like being downstairs away from everyone, so now I at least feel I am 'with' my family while spending hours on Pinterest :) Win/win for all!
Need to figure out some other cute decor to go on/around the desk/shelves yet, it's a bit boring.


Marta said...

LOVE the kitchen table.

Ashlyn and Kaelyn said...

aren't you glad you didn't get the Ikea table?!? Love the new one, totally you!

Anonymous said...

Do you remember the name of the table or who the manufacturer is. I have one and need a replacement part and Sams Club can't help without the manufacturer name.