grayson: ten months

Well, our little man is ten months old today. NEARLY A YEAR OLD! Geesh. He is seriously such a joy in our lives, always cracks a smile, sometimes a little bashful and just in the past few weeks has been laughing more and more. So different in comparison to Connor, that boy laughed ALL the time. (one of my favorite videos of Connor laughing, click here)

So, what's #2 up to?

-as I mentioned, smiles all the time
-still not crawling, but trying, very, very hard, can't imagine it's TOO much longer before he's mobile
-sleeping great, knock on wood, anywhere from 7:30-8:30pm to 5:30-7am or so. Just in case you didn't hear it, knocking on wood again to be sure.
-approximately 200 bags of breast milk left, should be able to make it a year
-eats about anything and would prefer to eat all table food if we'd let him, but please see next item.
-still only two teeth, and I don't see any that appear to be coming anytime soon
-still issues with constipation, appointment with GI specialist is the 25th
-rolling, spinning and scooting around
-will kind of pull himself up onto your leg or something low, but not really great at this
-loves watching his brother play
-gets a little cranky if everyone leaves the room and he's alone (okay a little more than cranky, but step back in the room and all is well again)
-on occasion has a little bit of mommy-separation anxiety, which most of the time, I adore
-seems to love daycare, only one morning has he been sad to see me go
-talking all the time, says 'ma-ma' a lot, but I'm sure it has zero reference to me
-likes his nuk, especially when he's tired, but really could be without it the rest of the time (another stark difference to his brother)

And I'll leave you with a picture, our little man at exactly 10 months. Have a great week!

 (and if those of you who know me and know my house are confused where I took this photo, I spent $25 at Menards and bought a carton of laminate flooring and a section of white trim, nice, eh? I need to spend some time getting the trim to sit nicer but with incredibly low effort, I'm pretty happy with it)


nick, ashley, ayden and grady said...

I'm thinking Grayson and Grady look alike. SAME HAIR!!! wow!

bryan, christy, connor & grayson said...

I so bad want to cut Grayson's, just not really sure how! Ha.