Connor had a countdown going for how many days it was until Santa came. Every day we would tell him and he would get sad, saying that was too many, but was so excited to finally get everything ready for Santa on Christmas Eve. Thank goodness Grandma Cheryl had leftover cookies for us to leave out for Santa otherwise he was maybe going to get a ham sandwich. We left him four cookies and a cup of hot chocolate. In the morning Connor quickly ran over to the plate and gasped at what appeared to only be traces of one cookie left and the hot chocolate was all gone. Since we're not sure Santa could actually fit through our fireplace, we found the front door was unlocked, so either he came through the front door or he sent his much smaller elves through the fireplace. Either way, Connor got EXACTLY what he wanted :) A snow plow truck.


pure. joy.

Grayson watching the action.

There wasn't any time to turn on any of the lights and I didn't want to miss any shots, so, for that we have to settle for poorly lit photos :)

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