project 52 | week 2: variety

Week two of Project 52: variety.

Variety. Funny how a simple word made me think really hard on what to photograph this week and even my final selection was a little forced (I suspect this won't be the first week I struggle with the subject matter). I was going to try and take a picture of all of Connor's 'gym' shorts he has, it would have made for a very colorful photo, but couldn't figure out a unique way to prop them. Wanted to capture the variety of meals I make for my family...ha. Enough said on that one.

But finally, it came to me that I've been thinking about variety quite a bit lately when it comes to my workouts. Bryan and I have been incredibly diligent at our daily workout routines, Bryan probably more so than me (I've missed two days in January, I don't think he's missed one, and he thinks it's debatable whether volleyball counts, I absolutely think it does :)), but in order for me to continue to be motivated (other than I better start seeing the needle on the scale move) is to switch up my routine daily. Variety. So tonight I made up this little chart to tape onto my treadmill so that every morning or evening that I go down there (we moved the treadmill to the basement) I don't have to think for a few moments, should I run? Do the weight loss interval program mode? Just a brisk walk? I just decided for myself in advance so I can get right to it.

Challenge: Variety
Subject: Workout Routines
Skill: Low Light

Definitely struggled with this one. Horrible light in our basement (ie two lightbulbs in the entire space) and I took the photo at 9 pm. Was good to experiment with the settings and I'm sure had I tried long enough I may have been able to reduce some of the noise, but not sure I (with my skill level) could have reduced it by much more. But, that's what this project is all about, right? Practice (for me anyways)!

PS. I really should tape the schedule up in a better way, I was just in a hurry to tape it up and get the photo taken :) The ugly tape isn't doing my chevron design any justice.

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