Grayson: Official Nine Month Stats

I took Grayson in for his official 9 month appointment on Tuesday, although it was a few weeks late and he's closer to 10 months. Oh well. Shoot, reminds me I should schedule his one year appointment...

Onto the stats.

Height: 27 3/4 inches - 18th percentile (eek!)
Weight: 22 lbs, 4 oz - 65th percentile
Head Circumference: 18 1/4" - 70th percentile

Both height and weight numbers surprised me. I didn't think he was tall, but I didn't think he was THAT short. And, I was expecting him to be in the 90+ percentile for weight. For the most part, happy, healthy, baby boy. Two concerns.

1. Very dry skin, borderline eczema, borderline need for steroid prescriptions. We're going to try very hard to use very, very thick lotions and creams and she also prescribed a non-steroid oil to try as well. Doesn't seem to bother him? But can't feel good.

2. We are still having issues with his BMs. They occur once every 6-8 days and take about 15-20 minutes of me working with him (read: forcing his legs onto his chest, forcing him to push, he's screaming so bad he's red in the face) to get it out, and then it's solid, formed, hard, and huge. I have a picture but I'll certainly spare you all. (sorry there is SO much poop talk on this blog, maybe I should rename our blog...KIDDING) I asked to be referred to a GI specialist and we have an appointment on January 25th. I am praying every night that he doesn't have Hirschprungs (what Connor was diagnosed with at birth). The symptoms, or so I've read, include lethargic and not wanting to eat, neither of which we see, but obviously the other main symptoms are constipation and gas, both of which he has, and I would say severe constipation. We are going to start (well, started last night) trying to feed him a lot of foods that have natural fibers (we've been pumping juices, including prune juice, the last few months with no success or change) like raspberries, blueberries, sweet corn, etc. Hopefully this will start to make a difference, but at least we have the appointment lined up. I think part of me is just thinking, no way could he have it, no way, but, I'm also just trying to prepare myself that he very well could.

You might be asking if this is genetic and to be honest I'm not sure the doctors are entirely sure. When we were at Children's with Connor they said there was no official genetic link but I've since read that I had a 7-12% chance of having another child with the disease and the disease occurs more often in boys. They can't diagnose it without doing a rectal biopsy (requires being put under anesthesia) and so I doubt we'll know anything final on the 25th but hopefully will have a plan or an appointment for the biopsy.

Hopefully, I'm worrying for nothing :)

In much happier news, he is semi-mobile :) Consistently rolling both back to front and front to back, gets up essentially on his hands and knees, just has one leg that is still a little stuck under his body. Scooting a little backwards, spinning, etc., so I don't think it'll be THAT much longer before he's officially on the move, but it does take this little man quite awhile to do most things :)

Still only two teeth, really wish he would pop a few more through so he could chew the food better he so desperately wants to eat.

Knock on wood, sleeping really well for us. Most nights, entirely through the night but definitely more of an earlier riser than Connor ever was, so is up generally between 6-630. Connor tells me every night 'Mom, don't wake me up in the morning, I'll get up when I'm ready'. I have no idea where he gets this from... ... ...

Sorry no pictures, haven't really had the camera out lately! Soon, I'll have to have a little Valentine's Day Photo Card shoot, I'm sure :)

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Anonymous said...

Christy - He must be related to my boys! Matt uses "udder cream" and says that it really keeps the dry skin in check. Worth a try. Love, Rita