Grayson was sent home on Tuesday from school with a fever. 11 out of 14 kids, including Grayson, were sick that day. Normally with a fever I'd just take him home, give him some tylenol or ibuprofen, and wait for the fever to go away. With strep, RSV and ear infections (those aren't contagious are they?) in his room, I figured I should probably just take him in.

Now Care had an hour wait so they kindly found me a family doctor to see which ended up taking forever anyways, but after 2.5 hours or so, he was diagnosed with RSV. Which, essentially sounds like a 'super cold'. No antibiotics or medication to give him, just have to wait it out.

Yesterday Grandma Cheryl was kind enough to stay home with him during most of the day and he seemed okay, needed cuddle time, but only needed ibuprofen once. Thought for sure he could return to daycare today.

Last night. Not so good. Horribly congested, coughing like crazy, hot, cold, you name it. I hate seeing my baby sick. And then to top it off, Bryan caught something so he's not much help today and staying home sick himself.

So, here's to hoping this passes quickly and that Connor and I stay healthy! We want our chill, happy little baby back.

Being elevated helps and he seems to be really comfortable on recliners (don't worry, I have the foot stand out, and remember the child barely moves, very low risk of falling :))

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Little For A Little While said...

Your sense of humor cracks me up. Glad you made sure Grayson was safe in that recliner. That foot stand would break his fall for sure ;)