We finally got snow! Now, I am not complaining about the weather we've had this winter. 50's? Unreal. There have been days I have been THIS close to busting about the flip flops, this close, but it just seems so wrong in so many ways in December and January in Minnesota. However, I wasn't too bummed to see some snow coverage. It's so ugly in winter and a coat of white just makes everything nice :)  Plus, gave our little helper something to do. Although I'm not sure we needed to shovel our yard or landscaping...

Yes, I tucked his pants into his socks. Left his boots as school but thank goodness for his work boots!
And yes, he's wearing his pjs (it was pj day at school).

I basically had to force him to come inside, he's been such a great helper lately. Always asking if there is a job he can do for me, etc. It's hard sometimes, because I know I'll be much faster or efficient if I just do whatever it is myself, but definitely can't turn him down when he's so eager and willing to help! (thanks to Golden Heart, I'm positive he gets this from them!)

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