kiddos of movie night photo shoot

This morning I had my movie night girls (Aleta, Angie and Sarah) bring their kids over to my house for a little Valentine's Day photo shoot. I love to send out Valentine's Day photo cards and obviously at the same time, want to practice, practice, practice my photography skills. You can say with 4 sets of kids it was a little crazy, but I'm really happy with how some of the shots turned out! Even in this one session, I learned so much. Mostly since it was my first semi-real 'session' so the pressure of getting children to cooperate, making sure to adjust with the lighting as time went by, trying not to feel rushed, etc. was a lot, but good to experience. Unfortunately, I didn't really get shots of my own kids, but that's okay, I can try them again tomorrow :) Overall, I so enjoyed doing it and it makes me eager to continue learning!

(oh and warning, picture overload, but was hard to narrow down from over 800, ha)

why does my child never cooperate?

miss kate

miss gemma

miss adelyn


mister miles

as much as I love chevron, it was a little too busy here

have no fear, my love for chevron comes right back in this photo :)

And yes, I realize there are no pictures of Grayson. I took a few of him before the girls all arrived but he was tired and then napped for most of the time everyone was over. Like I said, I'll get them tomorrow :) And, just looking at these photos makes me want to do it all over again but take more time and be more thoughtful! Thanks, ladies, for letting me practice on your children. I'm certain I'll be doing it again :)


Little For A Little While said...

super fun! Did you use fabric for all your backgrounds?

bryan, christy, connor & grayson said...

Yeah, for just starting out it's so much cheaper and the fabric store was half off drapery fabrics the other day so I went a little crazy :) Was hard to control myself from getting like 10!

Little For A Little While said...

drapery fabrics? never heard of em! Where do I look for them? Ha. Sorry, this is just so inspiring, and not my typical sytle. Something fun to try :)

The Onken Family said...

Love the photos! What size piece of fabric did you purchase for each backdrop? BTW - I'm a blog stalker, Sarah H.'s friend :)

bryan, christy, connor & grayson said...

Amy, it's just fabric that's a little thicker meant for drapes, upholstery, etc., it's generally on big long rolls.

Randi (I think it's with an I?), I bought 1.5 yards which was enough, but my friend brought over the brown and cream chevron which was much larger so we could do the shots on the chairs with the balloons. Ideally, for older kids standing and such you'd want more, but a yard and a half worked really well.

Little For A Little While said...

ok, one more...what did you attach the fabric too? Do you have some fancy fabric rod or something?:)

bryan, christy, connor & grayson said...

I did cave and buy a photo backdrop stand off of Amazon to hold up the fabric :)

dalia said...

love these photos! they turned out great! can i ask how you made the fabric look seamless? did you sort of attach it to the wall near the baseboard? just curious how you almost made it look like wallpaper. smartie!

bryan, christy, connor & grayson said...

Hi dalia, to be honest it's actually just hanging behind the piece of baseboard. I actually tried taping it to the floor or to the baseboard, but it seemed to work best to just let it hang (it's only 1.5 yards of fabric). I'm sure there are better ways, but for now, it works for me!